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  • Wisconsin Portrait

    This is a photo Blog that I like to call "Wisconsin Portrait."

    My life as a photojournalist, and Chief Photographer for the Wisconsin State Journal can be exciting and fast paced, with news and sports assignments making up a large part of my  professional working life. As a photographer that is not enough.

    My job as a professional observer has opened my eyes to many things around me. I can't drive down a street or take a walk, without seeing as a photographer.

    Most of the pictures I want to feature here are snapshots around the state.  Hopefully showing you these pictures will open your eyes to things you may see everyday, but not really look at.

    All comments are welcome.

Spring Time In Central Wisconsin

Thought I would post a few photos taken at our farm in central Wisconsin, and a brush fire spotted along Interstate 90.

Spring scenes from central Wisconsin.

Spring scenes from central Wisconsin.

Muskrat swimming around our pond.

Spring scenes from central Wisconsin.

Canada Goose guarding the nest.

Dusk on the prairie.

Sandhill Cranes flying towards the pond.

All that remains from a White Tailed deer that died over the winter.

Brushfire along Interstate 90 in central Wisconsin.

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  • April 26, 2012 - 9:55 am

    Yucel - The brushfire… at first, I thought it was a pretty mist.

    Interesting how context changes feel of an image.

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